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photo by Dave Showalter
I am an award-winning conservation photographer, writer, video editor & sound designer living in the Colorado front range. I specialize in creating purposeful content that puts a spotlight on our interactions with wildlife and environment with an emphasis on co-existence. 
 I have a graduate certificate in Conservation Communications from Colorado State University and a BS in Multimedia Communications from Metropolitan State University. In addition, I studied at Austin School of Photography and at the Conservation Storyteller Academy.  I worked in the video game industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles including Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer and Producer. My passion for nature and wildlife has led me to pivot my focus towards using my multimedia skills to educate and inspire action on environmental issues.
I am a member of the North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA), Nature First and a certified Texas Master Naturalist. I also follow a strict code of ethics when photographing and filming wildlife. 
My images have been published in National Wildlife Magazine, PetaPixel, Colorado Outdoors Magazine, The Purple Martin Update and the Hill Country Conservancy Calendar among others. 
In addition to photography, I am a skilled audio & video editor that has worked on a multitude of podcast episodes for Rewildology and TikTok content for Prairie Dogs 101 group
Through my work, I hope to tell stories that engage people on the importance of ethical interactions with wildlife and the environment. With my passion for conservation and expertise in multimedia, I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the world with ethical photography and media. 
Please contact me via email or the contact form on this website for speaking engagements, assignments, image licensing or prints.  
Honors & Publications

- Master’s Certificate Conservation Communication - Colorado State University - 2024
- Photo Publication - National Wildlife Magazine spring issue - 2024
- First Place NANPA Photography Showcase, Conservation Category - 2024
- Photo Publication - PetaPixel 2023
- Photo Publication - In Defense of Animals 2023
- Photo Publication - Colorado Outdoors Photography Issue 2024
- Photo Publication - Colorado Outdoors Photography Issue 2023
- Photo Publication - Purple Martin update 2022
- Top 250 NANPA Photography Showcase Conservation Category - 2021
- Top 100 NANPA Photography Showcase Conservation Category - 2021
- Top 250 Share the View Photography Showcase - 2021
- Partner Photographer Balcones Canyonlands Nature Preserve 2017 - 2021
- Conservation Photography 1 & 2 Conservation Storytellers Academy - 2019 - 2021
- Austin School of Photography - Photography 1 & 2 - 2017-2018
- Bachelor of Science Multimedia Communications - Metropolitan University of Denver 2011
photo by Kristy Odom

photo by Daniel Valey

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